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Inspiring the next generation

Do you remember the teacher who first inspired your love of chemistry? You can probably picture that educator’s face and the excitement it conveyed. If you dream of opening the minds of the next generation to behold the wonder and mystery of chemistry, then you’ve found your path as a chemistry teacher.

At SFA, you’ll learn in the classroom and conduct research with our high-tech lab equipment. This research experience will prove invaluable when you take the helm of a classroom. Our focus on hands-on education will inspire you to bring experiential learning to your own students as well. Learning by doing is the Lumberjack way.

Chemistry education opportunities

JacksTeach is a replication site of UTeach, a nationally recognized STEM teacher preparation program. JacksTeach provides students the opportunity to explore the profession of teaching in STEM fields. Through this program, you can prepare to earn a secondary teacher certification at the same time you are completing your four-year degree in chemistry.

As you move toward a possible career in teaching, you will receive ongoing instruction in lesson design, classroom management, and science and mathematics content. Explore your opportunities and practice your skills through a specifically designed set of courses.

Undergraduate programs and requirements

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with a JacksTeach concentration

Students majoring in chemistry with a JacksTeach concentration are ready to teach and inspire the next generation of chemists as effective high school chemistry teachers.



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