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Labs and Technology

Chemistry students working in a chemistry lab

Research & Fieldwork

Well-equipped education

An SFA chemistry education is full of learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom. We don’t believe that professional chemists are created in a lecture hall. We believe that students learn best by researching and experimenting, and so we prioritize lab access as a key component of our chemistry degree programs.

Instrumentation is instrumental to success

Do density meters and centrifuges float your boat? Do you geek out on incubator shakers and spectrometers? Well, you’ve found the right place because we relish utilizing this state-of-the-art instrumentation in our classes and research. We’re proud to house nearly $2 million of specialized chemistry equipment, and we’re excited to see what you can do with these tools.

Modern facilities

After $7 million in upgrades, SFA’s historic chemistry building now features high-end labs, outfitted with:

  • A research lab for each chemistry professor
  • A large lab prep classroom, which can be reconfigured for two small classrooms
  • Safety showers in each lab
  • Two vented hoods in each lab
  • One vented hood in each research lab
  • A large chemical storage room with digital barcodes for electronic inventory
  • Energy-efficient sensor lights in every classroom and lab

Launching pad for chemistry careers

The real-world chemistry experiences you’ll relish at SFA – working with high-tech lab equipment and researching alongside your professors – will translate to a major advantage when you graduate. Unlike students at other universities, you’ll already know your way around a lab and be ready to step right into a challenging career as a professional chemist or apply your knowledge in graduate or professional studies.



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