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American Chemical Society Certification

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An ACS-Certified education

The American Chemical Society is a 150,000-member strong nonprofit organization providing a professional home for chemists. It is the world’s largest scientific society. And the ACS stamp of approval on the SFA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry means that you’re getting a world-class chemistry education from exceptionally skilled leaders in the field.

The department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers two bachelor's degrees: a bachelor's in chemistry and a bachelor's in biochemistry. Both bachelor's degrees are accredited by the American Chemical Society.

Note that students majoring in biochemistry, chemistry interdisciplinary studies or the chemistry secondary education concentration will require additional courses beyond their degree requirements to become ACS certified. 

Read more about our academic programs here.

What does ACS Certification require?

Receiving ACS Certification is not an easy task. ACS Certification demands that university chemistry programs meet a lengthy list of requirements and undergo regular reviews. Approved programs must offer a rigorous chemistry education that provides graduates with the broad range of intellectual, experimental and communication skills necessary to thrive as a professional chemist.

Why is ACS Certification important?

ACS Certification reassures you of a program’s academic rigor. It lets students and parents know that they aren’t wasting their time and money; Lumberjacks are putting in the hard work required to complete a demanding chemistry education. Employers and professional schools understand the extra work – from both students and faculty – that ACS certification requires, and participation in such a program will further your progress toward your educational and professional goals.



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