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Making connections across science

We live in an interconnected world, and the sciences aren’t confined to neat boxes either. Chemistry contributes to all the other science disciplines and is interdisciplinary by nature. So if you appreciate chemistry’s broad reach and don’t wish to restrict yourself to focusing on too narrow a field of study, interdisciplinary chemistry is for you.

The interdisciplinary concentration allows you the flexibility to supplement a core study of chemistry with courses in other science fields. The curriculum provides the intellectual tools to integrate concentration areas while engaging in interdisciplinary problem-solving.

Interdisciplinary chemistry career opportunities

An interdisciplinary concentration prepares graduates for careers or graduate programs that increasingly cross disciplinary boundaries. Students are primed to begin careers in research, working in scientific industries or educating the scientists of tomorrow. For those hoping to pursue a graduate or professional degree, an interdisciplinary concentration provides a solid basis for studies in medical, law or business school.

Undergraduate programs and requirements

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with an interdisciplinary concentration

Students who appreciate the multifaceted nature of chemistry can pursue a Bachelor of Science in chemistry with an interdisciplinary concentration, supplementing a foundation of chemistry with courses in related scientific fields.



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