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Chemistry student at SFA

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Learning outside the classroom

SFA believes that powerful learning can take place outside the classroom. So while we expand your horizons with intriguing lectures and engaging classroom discussion, we really emphasize hands-on learning experiences – like summer internships and extended research opportunities. We believe that our students best learn by doing, and Lumberjacks are doing big things.

Clubs and extracurricular events

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry has several clubs: Chemistry Club, Student American Chemical Society Affiliate and a chapter of the affiliates of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Our clubs are involved with many social and academic activities throughout the year. 

Learn more about SFA’s chemistry and biochemistry clubs.

Research symposium and annual awards banquet

Our professors believe research participation and scientific communication are crucial components in a chemistry education. Our students conduct years of research, culminating in a grand finale: presenting in our own research symposium. All seniors present their research, and the top presenters receive commendation and scholarships at a special awards banquet.

Intriguing internships

While it may be tempting to spend your summer lounging by the pool, we think you should push yourself and propel your career by diving into a summer internship. Leading companies across the nation are looking for students equipped with ACS- or ASBMB-certified studies to jump into the high-stakes world of professional chemistry.
And these summer internships can pay off, literally, when you graduate with a chemistry degree and apply for your first job.



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