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Lumberjacks GROW


The Lumberjacks Guided Reflection on Work program, known throughout the campus community as Lumberjacks GROW, serves two purposes:

  • Collect data to better understand the experience of students who work (on- and off-campus) while attending SFA
  • Assist employed students in making connections between what they are learning through their work experience and how it connects to the transferable skills that employers are seeking

Distribute the Lumberjacks GROW instruction sheet to your student employees, and let us know if we can provide support or help in any way. We look forward to working with you to strengthen and improve the experience of our on-campus employees. The assessment program involves a short survey and a virtual mock interview, which gathers information on the student's experience as an employee in five key areas: teamwork, communication, influence, decision making, and organization.

The virtual mock interview, completed through InterviewStream, provides the student the chance to answer commonly asked interview questions that require them to articulate the skills they are gaining that can be translated into their careers.

Specially trained student career advocates will provide individualized feedback on the student's virtual mock interview, encouraging the student to reflect on not only their skills, but also their interview skills and how they can be improved. Feedback on the students and results from the survey can also be provided to on-campus employers if desired.

To participate in Lumberjacks GROW, students only need 20 minutes in a quiet space with a webcam-enabled computer or tablet. If your office does not offer adequate space, the CCPD has an InterviewStream room that is available for students to use during normal business hours, Monday through Friday.



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