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You play a bigger role than you may think in your child's choice of major, career and future.

A parent's role shifts from parent to supporter for their new college student — and this role is still of major importance. A useful guide for the steps to take each year of your student's career is our Four-Year Career Development Guide. It gives you valuable information to advise your student about when it comes to their career development over the next four years.

Four-Year Career Development Guide for Parents

Freshman Year

  • Begin the transition by shifting your role as a parent to that of a supporter. Encourage your student to make good grades and meet with professors at least once a semester.
  • Talk with your student about getting involved through a student organization, part-time job or volunteering.
  • Encourage your student to use the four-year career development plan.
  • Help your student get a jump start on experiential learning through internships/externships in their first year at SFA.

Sophomore Year

  • Talk with your student about career exploration or a desired major/minor and encourage research in different areas of interest.
  • Listen to what your student is talking about concerning a career and major choice.
  • Strongly encourage your student to utilize the CCPD for career coaching, résumé critiques and career fairs.
  • Remind your student about looking into internship/externship opportunities, as well as part-time jobs related to their field.

Junior Year

  • Urge your student to foster meaningful and supportive relationships with faculty members and key administrators on campus.
  • Encourage your student to get involved in activities that will enhance their academic experience and make them more marketable, such as a leadership role in an organization or service-learning projects.
  • Strongly recommend that your student utilizes the CCPD for career fairs, job-search skills, résumé critiques and mock interviews.
  • Highly recommend attending career fairs and other career-related events in order to establish a professional brand, narrow prospective employers, and increase your student’s network and job opportunities. Remind your student about looking into internship opportunities, as well as part-time jobs related to their field.
  • Advise your student to be aware of their online presence, and clean up social media accounts for viewing by prospective employers.

Senior Year

  • Encourage/assist your student in purchasing professional attire.
  • If on a graduate school track, remind your student to take appropriate entrance exams, request letters of recommendation, apply for scholarships and complete applications before deadline.



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