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YOU are Purple Haze!

Whether you love athletics or just love to be around people who are super excited to be Lumberjacks, joining the Purple Haze student section is one of the best ways to demonstrate your SFA pride!

One of the Lumberjacks’ favorite athletic traditions, Purple Haze is the nickname for the student cheering section at all sporting events. Everyone becomes a member of the Purple Haze student section after receiving their Purple Haze T-shirt at Orientation. What are your duties as a member? Simply unite with your fellow Lumberjacks, and scream for the home team in the Purple Haze section. Don’t forget to wear your purple!

Of course, there’s more to Purple Haze than cheering: Jacks’ Charge is a special tradition for football season, when the Purple Haze section rushes the field before kickoff, waving their axe handles proudly.

During basketball season, members of the Purple Haze student section put on crazy costumes, sit right behind the visitors’ hoop and do their best to distract the opposing team.


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