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Anthropology and Archaeology Laboratory

Since 1985, the Anthropology and Archaeology Laboratory (AAL) has provided student training and teaching opportunities through field and laboratory work, conducted archaeological research in Texas and adjacent regions using existing collections and through public outreach, provided outreach services that educate the general public about anthropology and archaeology, provided cultural resource management (CRM) services to federal, state, local, and private agencies, and furnished long-term care for collections that are "Held-in-Trust" for the people of Texas and the United States.

Center for Regional Heritage Research

The Center for Regional Heritage Research (CRHR) is a community of scholars and researchers from SFA and across east Texas who investigate and document the natural and cultural heritage of the region. Together, they have expanded the capacity of SFA to conduct research in several vital fields, including historic preservation, archaeology, geography, heritage tourism, resource interpretation, and community development. Initial start-up support provided by the Research Development Fund

Gwen and Ed Cole Audiology Clinic

The Gwen and Ed Cole Audiology Clinic provides diagnostic hearing evaluations for patients of all ages. In addition, the clinic can also provide further audiological services include digital hearing aid and assistive listening device fitting.

Human Neuroscience Laboratory

The Human Neuroscience Laboratory (HNL) is a state-of-the-art research, teaching and service facility dedicated to studying the was that the human brain supports human behavior. The goal is to create and apply brain-behavior knowledge that will illuminate individual differences in sensation and perception, learning skills, copying strategies as well as physical and mental capabilities of individuals using the principles of neuroscience.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility

Dedicated to interdisciplinary research, the university's Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility has recently acquired a Joel ECS 400MHz NMR Spectrometer. Initial start-up support provided by the Research Development Fund.

Rural Social Work Research and Development Center

The mission of the Rural Social Work Research and Development Center is to support faculty and students in research activites that foster the development of community-based social services and the leadership capabilities of rural service providers.

School Psychology Assessment Center

The School Psychology Assessment Center (SPAC) is a clinical and research center whose mission is to to provide affordable, quality mental health assessment/care to the campus, community, and area residents. SPAC provides psychological assessment services for the measurement of disorders that affect psychological, emotional, academic, and occupational functioning.

The SFA Gardens

The SFA Gardens is a 62-acre horticultural resource for the SFASU community and East Texas region, which includes the SFA Mast Arboretum, the Ruby M. Mize Azalea Garden, and the Pineywoods Native Plant Center. The mission of SFA Gardens is to promote the conservation, selection and use of the native plants of Texas, promote plant diversity in the landscape, serve as a living laboratory for SFA students and faculty and the nursery and landscape industry, and provide an aesthetic and educational environment for students, visitors and local citizens.

Stanley Center for Speech and Language Disorders

The Stanley Center for Speech and Language Disorders is dedicated to providing the highest quality of clinical care in the areas of speech and language therapy for residents in the East Texas area while engaging students in 'hands-on' training in the clinical setting under direct faculty supervision.

STEM Research and Learning Center

The STEM Research and Learning Center conducts cutting-edge research on activities designed recruit students interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and prepare them academically to enter STEM careers. The Center's mission iis to promote the STEM disciplines, in general, including comprehensive areas of STEM education such as EC-12, higher and graduate education, and workforce and industry-related fields. Initial start-up support provided by the Research Development Fund.


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