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Although these two titles are sometimes used interchangeably, they're actually two different but related jobs.

In simplest terms, the audio engineer is the person behind the mixer with the killer ears and the technical knowledge to record, edit and mix all the raw audio material into a final music track. They also have electrical engineering skills and can design, build and repair a lot of the studio equipment.

The producer is the one with the artistic vision who is organizing the session, coordinating the musicians and making sure everything comes together well. Music producers tend to have good engineering skills, and vice versa, so the line between the two can sometimes be a bit blurry. If you see yourself primarily as a musician who wants to work with other musicians and recording studio personnel to create great-sounding commercial music, the job you want is music producer.

SFA is one of the few universities to offer a sound recording technology degree. Working with world-class faculty and facilities, you'll get hands-on experience with all the newest audio software and hardware. You'll also learn how audio production differs between various music styles and how all the parts come together to make a marketable product.

Pursue an advanced degree

If you're wanting to pursue graduate studies in this field, our Master of Music in music production and technology can take you even further. It's designed for individuals with a strong background in music and audio engineering with a keen interest in music recording technology research and practice.

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