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If you are seeking a bachelor's degree in performance, you'll have the opportunity to develop specialized technical skills and knowledge for an instrument or voice.


  • Piano
  • Piano Pedagogy
  • Orchestral Instruments
  • Voice

Perform to the peak of your abilities

While all music majors are involved in performing to some degree, those majoring in performance are held to higher standards of technical ability, repertoire difficulty and artistry than those pursuing the other degrees in music.

SFA graduates regularly perform all over the world in solo performances, choirs, ensembles, professional orchestras and opera companies. Before you leave our halls, you will have the experience and skills you need to perform on stages and in ensembles of all sizes.

Your individual performance skills will be nurtured in weekly private lessons, studio classes and semester juried examinations. You'll perform in ensembles, both large and small, as well as begin your career in junior and senior recitals. The many hours you spend honing your skills in the practice room will pay off in spades when you take the stage as a professional performer.

Explore your future

Interested in what sorts of careers a degree in performance might lead you to? Depending on your selected concentration, there are opportunities for you to enjoy a career as an opera singer, church pianist or organist, orchestral musician, concert pianist and more.


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