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  • Theory
  • Composition
  • Theory-composition (dual emphasis)

SFA's theory-composition masters program will provide you with all the advanced analytical and creative opportunities crucial to your future success as a composer or music theorist.

Requiring a thesis, this 36-credit course of study prepares will prepare you for further academic work and careers as higher education teachers or freelance composers. Our talented and active faculty welcome a diversity of styles and interests within the program and recent thesis projects have covered such diverse topics as:

  • Marvin Gaye and the civil rights movement
  • Broadway musicals
  • horror films
  • Swedish metal music
  • speech melody
  • video-game music
  • steel-pan orchestras of Trinidad-Tobego
  • and the sampling techniques of J Dilla.

If you have a passion for research and creativity, SFA is a great place to take it to the next level.

Go to grad school online

We know that not everyone has the time or resources to attend classes in-person regularly. That's why SFA offers many of our required courses online. In fact, the Master of Music in theory-composition can be earned entirely online — perfect for people who already have a job but want to keep growing in their art.


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