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If you're eager to learn the nuts and bolts of how music is put together, we have great news! Every music major at SFA takes at least 15 credits of music theory classes spread out across their four years.

In addition to a four-semester sequence of theory and aural skills classes, more advanced topics include counterpoint, form, orchestration, jazz arranging and composition.

Any of our undergraduate degrees would effectively prepare you for graduate study in music theory, but if you like putting music together as much as you like taking it apart, then you might consider our Bachelor of Music in composition. Most jobs in music theory are at the college level and often paired with double-reeds, musicology or composition. Many high-school teachers also are called upon to teach some theory, so music education majors have opportunities to use these skills as well.

If you already have a bachelor's degree in music, you might want to explore our master's degree in theory/composition. We have a variety of concentrations available in person and online and provide a varied and thorough course of study designed to prepare you to teach at the college level or go on for a doctorate.


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