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You probably love music partly because you had a great private teacher at some point, right? Good news! Lots of musicians make their living by teaching private lessons. This can be done from a home studio, local music store, in an after-school program or any number of other ways. Many people do this along with having other music jobs, but it's certainly possible to create a solid income from private teaching alone.

Regardless of what type of private studio you hope to run, the School of Music has passionate and engaging faculty members with all the experience to show you how it's done.

Piano teaching

If you're hoping to pursue piano teaching (the most common type of private lessons), the best Bachelor of Music in performance concentrations to pursue at SFA would be keyboard pedagogy or keyboard performance.

The keyboard performance concentration has higher requirements of your own playing ability, while the pedagogy option puts more weight on learning how to teach.

Considering public school teaching?

If you think you also might be teaching public school music along with your private studio, one of our BM in music education concentrations might be a good alternative.

Voice lessons

If you're hoping to teach private voice lessons (also very common), then our BM in music education degree with a concentration in choral/keyboard would be a great fit.

The BM in performance with a concentration in voice is more rigorous, but would also prepare you well for private studio voice teaching.

Teaching on other traditional instruments

Do you want to teach lessons on any other traditional instrument (clarinet, cello, guitar, etc.)? You'll find that either our BM in music education or performance degree options will be a great fit for you. The music education degree has lots of different options depending on your interests and can be done with or without teacher certification preparation.


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