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If you love playing a string instrument and are hoping to make a career out of it, there are a few good options. They really fall into two main approaches:

  • teaching, perhaps with some performing on the side
  • or performing, perhaps with some teaching on the side.

SFA has perfect degree plans for both routes! If your goal is to teach in higher education, either degree path might be a good stepping stone to our master's degrees in performance or conducting.

Teaching focused

Public and private schools across the country are looking for string specialists to lead their orchestra programs. These jobs generally require the ability to play well, teach all string instruments and good conducting skills. Our faculty and staff members help you build all these skills and more in our Bachelor of Music Education with a strings concentration. Our graduates have excellent success in teaching positions and are often hired to work in professional orchestras and chamber groups.

Performing focused

If you're really dedicated to performing and want to make your living primarily as a professional player, then the right degree for you is our Bachelor of Music in performance. In this program, you’ll be held to the highest performance standards, learn more repertoire, and build the professional skills needed to make a living as a soloist, section player in an orchestra, studio musician and freelancer. Many top performers also maintain a studio of private students, so teaching skills are always helpful.


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