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What does Lumberjack Orientation look like this summer?

Transfer Students

Orientation is optional but highly encouraged. Orientation and Transition Programs staff members, along with other campus departments, will host Virtual Transfer Orientation sessions via Zoom July 10 and Aug. 7

We encourage departments and academic advisors to recommend our Virtual Transfer Orientation to your students. This year more than ever, we need to engage and connect our accepted students to our campus, faculty, staff and traditions. Summer melt can be avoided by engaging these students, and our team is here to help!

First-Year Students

This applies to all incoming, first-year students regardless of dual credit or advanced placement coursework.

Jack Camp Orientation is required to remove students’ Orientation registration hold. We are offering a two-part event this year! The first part consists of virtual advising and course registration. The second part is an on-campus, four-day event called Jack Camp Orientation.

Once registered, students also gain access to attend VIP Jack Chats, which are live weekly Zoom sessions connecting students to campus resources and other students.

When is Jack Camp Orientation?

Aug. 16-19 with move-in days beginning Aug. 14.

A general schedule is available on the First-Year Students page.

What is the event's purpose?

Mentorship: Participants are assigned to small groups led by upperclassmen who guide participants through the program and serve as peer mentors throughout their college journey.

Community: Small groups will be determined by students’ residence hall assignments. The personal connections they make in these groups remain with students into future semesters as they continue engaging with others in their living learning communities.

Academic Engagement: Participants will interact with faculty members and college leadership in new and innovative ways with the intention that students engage with their academic programs on deeper levels.

Social Integration: We know a big part of college is connecting with your peers, so we will take this time to facilitate connections among students during small group breakouts.

What are the academic components of Jack Camp Orientation?

We have incorporated many academic components, including college convocations/deans welcome, study skills workshop, career readiness and Academic Resource Fair, among others. We will provide a detailed schedule as the event gets closer.

What involvement will faculty and staff have with this year’s Jack Camp Orientation?

As much or as little as you would like. As far as the schedule, it is recommended that faculty members attend:

  • convocation/deans welcome
  • and the Academic Resource Fair.

Faculty and staff interested in volunteering at any time during this four-day event are asked to complete a sign-up list that our team will distribute closer to the event. All help is welcomed!

How can students get involved?

Applications for Jack Camp Orientation leaders is available now and can be found on our Work with Us page.

The deadline to apply is June 30.

We are looking for about 200 student leaders who would be great at welcoming our new students with energy, enthusiasm, and a love for SFA and purple pride!

What campus locations are impacted by Jack Camp Orientation?

In an effort to orient students with campus spaces, areas such as the Baker Pattillo Student Center, recreation spaces and academic classrooms will be utilized.

Exact locations are still being reserved as the complete schedule develops.

Are Residential Learning Communities involved?

Jack Camp Orientation consists of representatives from Jack Camp, Residence Life, and Orientation and Transition Programs.

RLCs are not directly involved, but selected community assistants will host evening Lumberjack Life sessions to check in with their small student groups each evening.

Is SFAS 1101 involved?

We know how important it is to connect students to the SFA community and teach them tips and tricks of campus life. During Jack Camp Orientation, our team will be promoting SFAS 1101 courses by encouraging our incoming students to register. In addition, we hope to have teaching assistants serve as student leaders during Jack Camp Orientation. If your teaching assistant is serving, feel free to have them publicize for your course specifically.

Do you have a question that was not answered?

Contact Brittany Beck, Orientation and Transitions Program director, at


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