Stephen F. Austin State University

Cooperative Contracts


1GPA is a national cooperative based in Arizona.

Contracts include architectsm, asphalt, athletic surfaces, audio visual, equipment installation, electrical & lighting, electronic signs & scoreboard, facility security systems & services, flooring, furniture, HVAC, office supplies, playground equipment-installation-repair, roofing, technology and others.

Allied State Cooperative (ASC)

Allied States Cooperative is a regional cooperative overseen by the Region 19 Education Service Center.

Contracts include air filters, athletic equipment-supplies-uniforms, audio-video-security equipment and supplies, automotive parts, custodial equipment and supplies, document scanning services, electrical supplies, hazardous waste collection and disposal, copiers, hvac equipment-parts-services, utility vehicles, pest control, vehicles, uniforms and others.


Buyboard is a the website maintained by the Local Government Purchasing Cooperative and is overseen by the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB). It is a Texas cooperative. Contracts include athletic supplies & equipment, audio visual equipment and supplies, automotive parts, award & trophies, building maintenance and repair, technology, custodial supplies & equipment, first aid supplies & equipment, floor covering and sports surfaces, road equipment and supplies, modular building, musical and theater, office supplies, uniforms, vehicles and others. $0$0 $0 $0Login: Follow directions for setting up your on login access.

Choice Partners

Choice Partners is a national cooperative overseen by the Harris County Department of Education.

Contracts include art supplies, athletic supplies, building controls, classroom teaching supplies, communications cabling, copiers, custodial equipment & supplies, digital archiving, educational materials, fine paper, flags, hvac equipment-installation-service, MRO parts and equipment, medical supplies, modular buildings, musical insruments, playground systems, plumbing supplies, roofing and waterproofing, security systems, technology, tree trimming, radios, and others.

E&I Coop

E&I is a national educational and institutional cooperative for higher education enties and is overseen by the National Association of Educational Purchasers.

Contracts include athletic training supplies, automotive, books & media, computer software, computers & networking, electronics & peripherals, express delivery & freight, flooring, maintenance, medical equipment & supplies, moving & relocation, scientific equipment & supplies and others.


Equalis Group

Equalis Group is a cooperative purchasing organization that provides public procured, competitively solicited contracts for a wide array of products and services including state-level job order costing contracts.

First Choice

First Choice is a regional, member-owned group purchasing organization that grew out of the healthcare industry.

The University is currently signed up to use contracts for fire alarms, janitorial paper products, uniforms, medical waste disposal, medical training products, door control services, cylinder gases, scientific and laboratory equipment & supplies, and they offer many others.

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HGACBuy is a national cooperative overseen by the Houston-Galveston Area Council.

Contracts include vehicles, wireless equipment and services, grounds and turf equipment, modular buildings, refuse and recycling containers and lifters, and others.

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OMNIA Partners, Public Sector (subsidiaries National IPA & US Communities) OMNIA Partners, Public Sector is the largest and most trusted purchasing organization for public sector procurement. Contracts include food and food service equipment, elevator maintenance and repair, janitorial supplies, water treatment chemicals, MRO supplies, furniture, wireless data and services, copiers, uniform rental, information technology, paint, educational supplies, lighting, audio/visual supplies, and groundskeeping materials.

Vizient Inc.| Member-driven healthcare performance improvement Vizient is a channel partnership of Omnia Partners. Contracts related to healthcare related goods and services.


NCPA is a national cooperative lead by the Region 14 Educational Service Center.

Contracts include technology, office solutions, facilities, cloud, security, playground, medical, food, transportation, athletics and furniture.

Sourcewell (formerly known as NJPA) Sourcewell is a national cooperative, formerly the National Joint Powers Alliance, that began in Minnesota. Contracts include MRO, fleet equipment, food service equipment, healthcare solutions, heavy equipment, logistics services, mail equipment, technology and communication solutions, and others.

TIPS "THE INTERLOCAL PURCHASING SYSTEM" is a regional cooperative sponsored by the Region 8 Education Service Center. Contracts include assistive technology, audio visual equipment & supplies, automobiles, cabling products & services, cafeteria equipment, hvac solutions & services, computers, copiers, custodial equipment and supplies, document imaging, lighting, lockers, medical equipment and supplies, music instruments, networking equipment, modular buildings, roofing, safety equipment and supplies, science equipment and supplies, signage, software, uniforms and others.


UTSSCA is the UT System Supply Chain Alliance that is overseen by the UT System and uniquely service Texas institutions of higher education.

We are currently utilize the travel contracts.