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Welcome to the Department of
English and Creative Writing

At SFA, turn your passion for the written language into a career. Study the masters of literature, express yourself through creative prose or poetry, hone your skills as a technical and professional writer, or study the fascinating universe of British, American, and world literature. There’s no limit to where an English degree can take you. Our graduates go on to teach as well as write and publish professionally in the corporate, literary or entertainment worlds.

Unique Programs

English studies at SFA go far beyond "traditional" literature. You’ll have the opportunity to pursue coursework in all periods of British, World, and American literature, as well as in film studies, regional literature, digital rhetoric and technical writing, or the only Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing in Texas!


  • Undergraduate Research in English

    Jessie Jenkins, Hannah Tumlinson, Abigail Perschall and Alex Sides won the Top Scholars award for the 2018 Undergraduate Research Conference. Their project, "Critical Companion to Bastard Out of Carolina," was sponsored by Dr. Michael Martin, professor of English. The students worked for nine months as a cohesive team to research the intersections of identity for underprivileged and underrepresented white, rural Southerners through Dorothy Allison's “Bastard Out of Carolina.”

    Jessie Jenkins, Hannah Tumlinson, Abigail Perschall and Alex Sides

    Jessie Jenkins, Hannah Tumlinson, Abigail Perschall and Alex Sides


At SFA, we believe students benefit greatly from hands-on learning in and out of the classroom. Transformative experiences are at the core of our academic philosophy.

HUMID is SFA’s student-produced undergraduate literary magazine. Published annually, HUMID showcases works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, art and photography. HUMID provides students with a great opportunity to get published early in their writing careers.


    Department of English and Creative Writing
    Dr. Liz Tasker Davis, Chair


    Dugas Liberal Arts North
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