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Types of English Minors

We offer four minors, as well as a secondary education sequence:

Minor in Technical and Professional Writing (18 hours)

Open to all majors at SFA, the technical and professional writing minor is designed to prepare students with the skills to pursue a career as a technical or professional writier. For students with major concentrations in technical fields, this minor complements your technical training with the in-demand writing skills for those professions. Learn more about the minor in technical and professional writing.

Minor in English (21 hours)

Open to all majors at SFA, the English minor focuses on American, British, and World literature, methods of literary analysis, linguistics, and writing about literary texts. This minor allows students to delve into classic and contemporary literature from all over the world and deepens their understanding of the historical and contemporary relationship of literature and culture.

Minor in Creative Writing (18 hours)

Open to all majors at SFA, the minor in creative writing is designed to develop your skills in the creation of original fiction, poetry and/or creative nonfiction. You’ll hone your writing skills, improve your craft and create original works of poetry, fiction and nonfiction in your courses that can build your portfolio. With the consent of the coordinator of the creative writing program, students can also take playwriting to fulfill credits for the creative writing minor

Minor in Literature (21 hours)

The minor in literature was created to complement SFA’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and is mandatory for all BFA students. The continued practice of reading widely is essential to developing and honing your own writing abilities.

The literature minor focuses on historical literature from around the world, linguistics, language and more. You’ll take deep dives into classic and contemporary literature from all over the world, gaining a greater appreciation and understanding of the writer’s craft along the way.

Secondary Education Sequence

English BA majors who are in the English Language Arts Teaching track are required to take an education course sequence in the College of Education that prepares them for state certification. This course sequence is, essentially, a minor in secondary education. Together, this combination of English BA and secondary education minor provides future middle and high school educators with the comprehensive curriculum and hands-on training needed to succeed in the English classroom. With this degree program, you’ll be eligible to seek certification with the Texas Education Agency to teach middle school and high school English. 

A teaching career with lifelong impact 

With a secondary education teaching certificate in English, you can share your passion for language and literature, and have a lifelong impact on young students’ lives. As an English teacher, you’ll foster their love of reading and writing while you prepare them to be successful communicators.

The gateway to literacy for secondary students 

Literacy is a fundamental skill for every student and an important component of a quality education. The ability to read and write clearly is essential to personal achievement and business success. English teachers have a critical role in giving students the skills to communicate meaningfully through the written word.

In addition, this program includes professional education coursework, such as pedagogy and designing curriculum, which together with the content of the English BA program, prepares you for the certification exam offered by the Texas Education Agency.

For more information on becoming eligible to seek certification, visit the Secondary Education web page.

Our minors can complement a wide variety of majors and help you succeed in many career fields, including corporate communications, documentation and training, online and social media design, advertising, law, systems research and development, higher education, and the teaching of English in secondary and middle school.



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