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Career Opportunities


Excel in a wide range of careers

English majors are well-prepared and uniquely suited to succeed in a range of careers. The critical and analytical skills you’ll develop, together with your exposure to a broad range of ideas, will give you the ability to communicate effectively in writing and in person. You can learn the specifics of an industry quickly and bring needed creative and strategic skills to your chosen career.

In particular, English majors have the advantage of an especially important skill set in our internet-centered world of online media and content. Opportunity and demand for educated, literate writers who can produce high-quality online content for diverse audiences will only increase.

What jobs can I get with an English degree?

The critical-thinking and communication skills you’ll develop as an English major are necessary for success in a wide variety of careers. In addition to teaching, you’ll be qualified to pursue work in professions including

  • corporate communications
  • creative and technical writing
  • digital publishing and marketing
  • financial services
  • management and administration
  • media, entertainment and film
  • nonprofit agency work
  • public relations and advertising
  • social and government work.

English majors also become government speech and policy writers, broadcast journalists, bank executives, archivists, literary agents, attorneys, buyers for corporations or businesses, counselors, environmental planners, correspondents, researchers, lobbyists, politicians, fundraisers and communication specialists.

Job availability and growth

According to research by McKinsey Marketing Partners, digital advertising, content marketing and social media were among the most sought-after skills in 2017. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also predicts 9% job growth for advertising, promotions and marketing managers through 2024. Similar statistics predict good growth potential in other associated professions, including public relations (6%), technical writing (10%) and HR management (5% to 9%).



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