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A strong foundation for success

The College of Liberal and Applied Arts is, in many ways, the heart of SFA. No student is educated without a strong liberal arts foundation. We develop the skills that equip a student for a lifetime of success. Since the job market of the future will be different in unknown ways, students must be prepared to make connections between bodies of information, to interact in an international environment and to shift seamlessly from one career to another. We have shaped our curriculum to accomplish these goals by delivering an education that combines intellect with practical approaches toward knowledge. 

A message from the dean, Dr. M. Dustin Knepp

Welcome to Stephen F. Austin State University’s College of Liberal and Applied Arts! Here you have the opportunity to explore a variety of areas and interests; engage with international scholars, researchers, authors, poets, and philosophers; study languages and cultures at home and abroad; collaborate with professionals in their fields; participate in service learning with community-engaged faculty; and have experiences that will prepare you for real life situations by fostering critical thinking, applied knowledge, and engagement with others. Our goal is to prepare our graduates with the skills necessary for their chosen careers, but perhaps more importantly, with the resources, resilience and readiness for a lifetime of continued learning and success.

I invite you to explore our programs and reach out to one of our many outstanding faculty members about how you might thrive in the College of Liberal and Applied Arts.

M. Dustin Knepp, PhD
Dean, College of Liberal and Applied Arts



College of Liberal and Applied Arts

Ferguson Building 
Room 273   

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 13033, SFA Station
Nacogdoches, Texas 75962