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Where research matters

A great deal of research is taking place within SFA’s College of Liberal and Applied Arts. Our students and faculty members do amazing, research-based work on topics like eating disorders and body image. They get out into the field and learn about the challenges of living in today’s society. They preserve pieces of history and help find ways to create a more sustainable future. 

Here are a few specific examples: 

  • A sustainable community development plan was prepared for the City of Kilgore.
  • An oral history project was completed with the staff of U.S. Rep. Charlie Wilson.
  • An initiative was launched on how to build a collaborative approach to rural well-being.
  • An experiment was done on stereotypes between weight identity and eating behavior.
  • An analysis was conducted on communication during a crisis situation.

The college recently appointed Dr. Mark Barringer as director of college research to encourage and assist students in pursuing research projects of interest to them. Professional support and guidance is available to every student in the College of Liberal and Applied Arts who wants to engage in meaningful and worthwhile research. Contact Dr. Barringer at


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