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If you are interested in conducting, we have good news for you! Almost every music major gets to spend at least one semester studying conducting with our talented orchestra, band and choir directors.

Like most schools, SFA doesn't offer a bachelor's degree in conducting, but this skill plays an important role in a variety of music careers and our programs can help prepare you for a master's degree in conducting either at SFA or elsewhere.

If you are hoping to be a conductor of a band, choir or orchestra at a high school, then you'll probably want to major in one of our music education concentrations. In this degree, students get to take two semesters of conducting in their area and then put it to use during their student teaching.

Students who major in composition can take either one or two semesters of conducting, and those in our performance degree or sound recording technology degree take one semester.

While certain aspects of conducting differ between band, orchestra and choir, you can be certain that our talented faculty will give you all the skills you need to be inspiring on the podium.


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