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We think being a college music professor is a terrific goal, and we know exactly how to help you get there. No matter your area of performance or research within music, there are great higher education teaching jobs out there, First, you need to earn at least two degrees — and there is a lot of competition for the positions.

Depending on the field in which you want to teach, you might start with any one of our undergraduate music degrees. For example, if you start with a bachelor's degree in composition, you can continue toward graduate degrees and gain a position in music theory and/or composition.

Our music education degree might lead to graduate degrees and positions in conducting, applied teaching or music education. Our performance degree is a good fit for those who want to gain employment as an applied-lesson teacher in higher education, and the bachelor's degree in sound recording technology might lead to overseeing audio engineering or music industry programs at the university level.

While tenure-track university positions require a terminal degree (usually a PhD or DMA), many community colleges and adjunct/lecturer faculty positions at universities only require a master’s degree. Any of SFA's Master of Music degrees will immediately give you the credentials to apply for those positions.

Our graduates hold faculty positions at universities all over the country and we can help you get there too!


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