Stephen F. Austin State University

Dropping and Withdrawing

Drop vs. Withdraw

Drop - Dropping one or more but not all courses for a specific semester.

Withdrawal - Dropping all courses on or after the first class day for a specific semester.

General Information

Registration deadlines can be found on the Registration Dates & Deadlines page.

Half-semester courses are held to different deadlines from full-semester courses. For information regarding registration deadlines for half-semester courses, view the Registration Dates & Deadlines, then select Calendar & Schedule of Deadlines for half-semester courses for the appropriate term.

Drop Request Form and Request to Withdraw

Forms are currently available on the Registration tab of mySFA in the 'Register' box.

1. Fill out the entire appropriate form.

2. Save to your computer. Pro tip: Save the file as your name.

3. Send the document from your mySFA email to the Registrar's Office via or fax number below email as soon as possible.

Forms must be received in their entirety by the Registrar's Office before 5 p.m. on the deadline date of the request (this includes forms sent via mail). Any forms received after 5 p.m. will be processed as of the following day's date, if the following date has not exceeded the deadline of the request. The Registrar's Office is not responsible for any incomplete, partial, or failed fax transmissions or emails. The Registrar's Office is not responsible for items lost by the USPS, FedEx, or UPS. Deadlines regarding registration may be viewed on here.

The amount of money you owe SFA could be dependent on when the form is received in its entirety by the Registrar's Office. For questions regarding refund or financial obligations, contact the Business Office at 936-468-6960.

Registrar's Office Contact Information:


(attach completed PDF document to your mySFA email)

Phone: Fax:

936-468-1370 936-468-6651 or 936-468-2261

How to Drop

Dropping before Census or Official Reporting Day

Students may register or add full-semester classes on the student's mySFA through the 4th Class Day in the fall and spring semesters and through the 2nd class day during the summer sessions. Full-semester courses may be dropped via the student's mySFA through the 12th class day in the fall and spring semesters and through the 4th Class Day during the summer sessions.

A student dropping a full-semester course within the first 12 class days of a regular semester or the first 4 class days of a summer term is eligible for a refund of applicable tuition and fees for the course dropped, provided the student remains enrolled at the University for that semester or term. Remedial courses cannot be dropped online at any time.

Dropping after Census or Official Reporting Day

Full-semester courses: Beginning with the 13th (Fall/Spring) or the fifth class day (Summer 1/Summer 2) all drops must be processed in Room 201 of the Rusk Building between the hours of 8 a.m. -5 p.m. Central Time. Students may drop classes through five working days past mid-semester or mid-session as applicable. A student will not be allowed to drop a course after these dates, unless the student withdraws from the University. Dropping a course after census/official reporting day results in a grade of W6. A W6 counts as one of a student's 6 drops. Athletes, international students, dual credit students, and students using Veteran Benefits must obtain and bring written permission to the Registrar's Office in order to complete a Drop Request Form.

For full policy information, please view the Official SFA Course Add/Drop Policy: Course Add/Drop.

There is no charge for dropping courses. An addition of hours to any current course load increases the bill. See the Registration Tutorials for full instructions concerning the adding and dropping of courses. For questions concerning billing, please contact the Business Office at 936.468.6960.

For 12th/4th Class Day dates view the official SFA Calendar.

How to Withdraw

Details to Know

The University uses the term withdraw to formally indicate that a student has dropped or will drop all courses for a given term. Withdrawing from the university differs from dropping one or several classes within a given term, because as long as a student retains at least one class, the student is still considered to be registered for that term.

All withdrawals on or after the first class day require a form only available in the Registrar's Office.

The results of a withdrawal on the transcript are determined solely by the Registration Dates & Deadlines for the semester and part of term. These dates are posted each semester on the Registration Dates & Deadlines page as well as on the Registrar's Office social media pages.

Students who have applied to graduate will need to contact the Graduation Office at Be sure to include the student's name and student ID number.

Transcript or registration materials will not be released unless all financial obligations are clear.

Students may still owe money to SFA after withdrawing. Any questions regarding bills or financial obligations to the University, contact the Business Office at 936.468.6960.

Withdrawal Before Census or Official Reporting Day

Courses withdrawn before the Official Reporting Day do not show on the transcript and do not affect the student's GPA. Students that withdraw during this period do not receive grades for their withdrawn courses.

Withdrawal After Census or Official Reporting Day

Withdrawing after census day includes two time periods for withdrawals. Courses withdrawn after the Official Reporting Day result in either W grades or WP/WF grades and do appear on the transcript.

After Census to Midsemester

Withdrawals result in W grades. No effect on GPA.

After Midsemester

Withdrawals result in WP/WF grades based on the grade at the time of withdrawal. WP does not affect GPA. WF affects GPA as an F.

All withdrawals are handled in the Registrar's Office. No other office or person has the ability to withdraw students. Beginning the first day of class the student must come by or contact the Registrar's Office to obtain a withdrawal form. The amount of refund and how much owed to SFA depends on when the completed and signed form is received.

Once a withdrawal has been processed, it is recommended the student contact the following offices:

Any student withdrawing from the University needs to understand that doing so: