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The Certified Communicator Program from University Marketing Communications aims to provide SFA employees the tools needed to be effective, top-notch brand ambassadors.

Facilitated by UMC staff members predominantly through a livestreaming platform (usually Teams or Zoom), we offer 10 modules and three levels of certification:

  • Level 1 — Requires completion of foundations course + three others
  • Level 2 — Level 1 + completion of three additional
  • Level 3 — Completion of all 10 modules

Programs open at the start of the academic year and close at the end of the spring semester. A graduation ceremony is held once per year, where those who complete any level are recognized and receive exclusive SFA swag.

Meeting/Registration Details

To register, visit “myTraining” through mySFA, click “Browse for Training” and search for “Certified Communicator.”

  1. When you sign up for a module, myTraining will send a confirmation of registration email.
  2. You can register for a module up to 30 minutes prior to the start of the module session.
  3. A module facilitator will send a meeting link the day of the module, usually a few hours before.
  4. If you have difficulty getting into a meeting, email the staff member who sent the original meeting link. As a backup, you may also email
  5. If you don’t receive a meeting link at least 30 minutes before the module session begins, email

Frequency and Graduation

Module Completion

Certified Communicator modules are offered annually during the academic year, September through May. Each module is offered two to four times each year.

Module completion progress carries over between years, meaning not all modules need to be completed in the same academic year to receive Level I, II or III certification.

Program Completion

UMC will host a graduation event each spring to recognize individuals who have completed any program level that year. Honorees will receive enamel pins uniquely made for Certified Communicator Program graduates by UMC.  Here’s a sneak peek of one:

Sample pin that graduates receive showing a squirrel, "Twiggy," writing with a purple pencil

A graduation invitation will be emailed to appropriate individuals with event details.

List of Modules

  • Foundations: A crash course in UMC services and top-level info regarding our office’s functions and deadlines/processes to know.
  • Accessibility: Reviews accessibility practices, like alternative text and captioning, to ensure we’re staying not only ADA compliant but providing equal services to a broad range of abilities. 
  • Advertising: Snapshot of the variety of avenues available to get your messages to the right audiences using print, digital and social advertising.
  • Brand Ambassador: Learn the specifics of SFA’s brand and how to promote the university in everyday roles.
  • Mass Emails: Understand how to use mass emails to your benefit when recruiting and reaching out to your audiences.
  • Media Training: Learn what to expect when speaking with a news outlet and the best avenues for getting news out to the public.
  • Photo: Learn how to take compelling photos, select the best ones for your audience and tell a story through images.
  • Social Media: Review social media best practices, on-campus use, platform differences, and a bit about social listening and monitoring.
  • Social Videos: In a world where videos are in high demand, learn to highlight people, places and programs through short-form videos.
  • Web Presence: Understand SFA’s web architecture and learn tips on being proactive in keeping your area’s website updated.


University Marketing Communications

1936 North Street
Austin Building, Room 121

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 6100, SFA Station
Nacogdoches, Texas 75962-6100