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Evaluations & Reviews

Formal Academic Program Reviews

Academic Program Review Schedule for All Programs (Undergraduate and Graduate)

All academic programs must undergo APR once every 10 years per SFA policy 5.1. Decennial program review is good practice for improving programs and planning for their future. It is also essential for reaffirmation of our SACSCOC accreditation, and is required by the THECB for all graduate programs.

If only one year in the cycle is checked below, this means that all programs for the unit will be reviewed that year, whether undergraduate or graduate.

View APR guidelines and dashboard.

College/Department Academic Year APR Organization
College of Business
Accounting 2028-29 AACSB
Business Communication & Legal Studies 2028-29 AACSB
Economics & Finance 2028-29 AACSB
Management & Marketing 2028-29 AACSB
Graduate 2028-29 AACSB
College of Education
Education Studies 2020-21 CAEP
Human Sciences 2025-26 AAFCS
Secondary Education 2020-21 CAEP
Human Services & Educational Leadership    
Speech/Language Pathology 2021-22 ASHA
Communication Sciences & Disorders 2021-22  
Pre-Audiology 2021-22  
Rehabilitation Services 2021-22  
Professional Counseling 2023-24 CAEP/CACREP
School Psychology 2020-21 CAEP/NASP
Student Affairs in Higher Ed 2023-24  
Special Education 2020-21 CAEP
Special Education 2024-25 AER
Human Services 2024-25  
Human Services 2024-25 UG (BS)
Kinesiology & Health Science    
Dance 2026-27 UG (BS)
Health Science 2026-27 UG (BS)
Kinesiology 2026-27 UG (BS)
Kinesiology 2022-23 Grad (MS)
Athletic Training 2022-23 CAATE Grad (MS)
College of Fine Arts
School of Art 2023-24 NASAD
School of Music 2021-22 NASM
School of Theatre 2024-25 NAST
College of Forestry & Agriculture
Agriculture 2026-27  
Environmental Science 2026-27  
Forestry 2022-23 SAF
College of Liberal & Applied Arts
Anthropology, Geography & Sociology 2025-26  
English & Creative Writing 2019-20  
Government 2023-24  
History 2027-28  
Languages, Cultures & Communication 2027-28  
Mass Communication 2027-28  
Psychology 2027-28  
Military Science 2028-29  
Multidisciplinary Programs 2025-26  
School of Social Work 2027-28 CSWE
College of Sciences & Mathematics
Biology 2024-25  
Chemistry & Biochemistry 2023-24  
Computer Science 2024-25 ABET
Geology 2025-26  
Math/Statistics 2024-25  
School of Nursing 2019-20 MSN (Grad)
School of Nursing 2022-23 BSN (UG)
Physics & Astronomy 2025-26 ABET
MS in Natural Science (Dean's Office) 2026-27  

Updated 9/23/20


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