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The title of emeritus is a position of great honor conferred only on retirees who have a record of distinguished service to Stephen F. Austin State University. The title is not automatic upon retirement. For details regarding the eligibility, procedure, and privileges and responsibilities see the policy Emeritus (7.10).


Emeritus List

Last Name First Name Rank Department/School
Alexander Forrest Doyle Professor Mathematics & Statistics
Allen Fred Professor Music
Alford Betty Professor Secondary Education & Educational Leadership
Anderson Ronald E. Professor Music
Doyle-Anderson Ann Professor Modern Language
Atchison Thomas Professor Mathematics
Bahs Clarence W. Professor Theatre
Bayless Marsha Professor Business Communication & Legal Studies
Beasley Scott Professor Forestry
Belanger Kathleen Professor Social Work
Box Terry Joe Professor English
Brunson Macra Assistant Professor Elementary Education
Brunson Mary Nelle Associate Provost/Associate Professor Elementary Education
Bullard Steve Provost Academic Affairs
Burkart Leonard F. Professor Forestry
Butts Sue E. Professor Home Economics
Canpo David Professor Music
Carr Barbara Professor Comparative Literature & English
Chang Mingteh Professor Forestry
Clark William D. Professor Mathematics
Creech David Professor Agriculture
Davis Troy Professor History
Dean Robert G. Professor Mathematics & Statistics
Decker John P. Professor Physics & Astronomy
Devine Joseph A. Jr Professor History
DiNucci James M. Professor Kinesiolog & Health Science
DuFrene Debbie D. Professor Business Communication
Durr Gloria E. Professor Human Sciences
Fenci Piero Professor Art (Ceramics)
Finkenberg Mel E. Professor Kinesiolog & Health Science
Fisher Warren W. Professor Management
Fountain Michael S. Professor Forestry
Franks Thomas Professor Elementary Education
Garrett James M. Professor Chemistry
Gavin Charles Professor Music
Gaylord Heinz Albert Professor Psychology
Gibson William W. Professor Biology
Gregory Donald Professor Political Science, Geography & Public Administration
Gresham Gloria Professor Elementary Education
Greule Al Associate Professor Mass Communication
Hallman Leon Charles Professor Geography
Hallman Patsy Johnson Professor Human Sciences
Harlan John Professor Criminal Justice
Himes Buddy Dean Fine Arts
Irons Jerry Lee Professor Elementary Education
Jenlink Karen Embry Professor Secondary Education & Educational Leadership
Jenlink Patrick Professor Secondary Education & Educational Leadership
Jennings Susan Professor General Business
Johnson Bobby H. Professor History
Johnson William R. Professor History (President of University)
Jones Charles Douglas Professor Art
Jones Richard Professor Theatre
King Tim Professor Music
Kroll James C. Professor Forestry
Lackey Jerry Professor Psychology
Ledger Ernest B. Professor Geology
Legg Michael H. Professor Forestry
Lewis John Professor Finance
Li Shiyou Professor Forestry
Maamary Samir N. Associate Professor Sociology
Mann Robert Claiborne Professor Music
Markworth Norman Professor Physics & Astronomy
Mathews Virginia Jobe Associate Professor Kinesiolog & Health Science
Mathis Robert Professor History
McCarty Steve Athletic Director Athletics
McCleary Mary Fielding Professor Art
McCune Sandra Professor Elementary Education
Montgomery Melvin B. Associate Professor Music (Director of Bands)
Moore John Professor Chemistry
Moses Morgan Clay Professor Secondary Education
Nielsen Alan Professor Theatre
Nixon Elray S. Professor Biology
Oster Allen Professor Theatre
Parr Andrew Professor Music
Payne Milton Robert Professor Elementary Education
Pickard Michael Professor Computer Science
Price Camille C. Professor Computer Science
Reeves Hershel C. Professor Forestry
Rhodes Elizabeth Professor Kinesiolog
Richman Allen M. Professor History
Risk Paul H. Professor Forestry
Rodriguez Elvia A. Professor Elementary Education
Rodriguez Jose A. Professor Secondary Education & Educational Leadership
Segady Thomas Professor Sociology
Shows David Professor Kinesiology
Smith Sammie L. Professor Accounting
Sowards Alan Professor Elementary Education
Speer James R. Professor Psychology
Sampson Pauline Professor Secondary Education & Educational Leadership
Standley James O. Dean Sociology
Stanley Elnita D. Professor Human Services
Stephens Donnya Elle Professor Secondary Education & Educational Leadership
Steward Robbie Professor/Chair Human Services & Ed Leadership
Strader Robert G. Professor Computer Science
Szafran Robert Professor Anthropology, Geography & Sociology
Thornton John T. Professor Elementary Education
Tinsley Dillard Professor Marketing
Turnage Marthea Librarian Library
Voigtel Carl Richard Professor Human Services
Watson Jack Borden Associate Professor Anthropology, Geography & Sociology
Westbrook Steve Administrator (VP) Student Affairs
Whiting R. Montague Jr. Professor Forestry
Williams Jerry Professor Anthropology, Geography & Sociology
Wilson Ann Professor/Chair General Business
Wilson Wayne Jerome Professor Psychology
Wood Craig Adams Professor Computer Science


Office of the Provost

Physical Address:
1936 North Street
Austin Building
Room 316

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 6079, SFA Station
Nacogdoches, Texas 75962