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Meet the new faculty members for 2023-2024 (listed by college):

Rusche College of Business

Name Rank Dept/School
Dr. Brandon Ater Assistant Professor Accountancy
Dr. Juliana Lilly Lecturer Business Communication & Legal Studies
Dr. Kristen Waddell Lecturer Business Communication & Legal Studies
Mr. George Paul Lecturer Business Communication & Legal Services
Ms. Hannah Wich Assistant Professor Economics & Finance
Dr. Matthew Jaramillo Lecturer Economics & Finance
Ms. Kathryn Blevins Lecturer Management & Marketing

James I. Perkins College of Education

Name Rank Dept/School
Dr. Melissa Hulings Assistant Professor Education Studies
Dr. Ahmed Al-Ramthan Assistant Professor Human Sciences
Dr. Allan Hauck Visiting Professor Human Sciences
Mr. Allen Wilson Clinical Instructor Human Sciences
Dr. Henry Mukhwana Clinical Instructor Human Sciences
Mr. Kevin Hill Clinical Instructor Human Sciences
Mr. John Gainer Clinical Instructor Human Sciences
Ms. Amani Khan Visiting Lecturer Human Sciences
Dr. Lori Kupczynski Associate Professor Human Services & Ed. Leadership
Dr. Brandi Sawyer Assistant Professor Human Services & Ed. Leadership
Dr. Richard Skuza Visiting Clinical Instructor Human Services & Ed. Leadership
Dr. Amber Chelette Assistant Professor Kinesiology & Health Science
Dr. Wycliffe Njororai Department Chair Kinesiology & Health Science
Dr. Muswamba Mwamba Assistant Professor Kinesiology & Health Science

Micky Elliott College of Fine Arts

Name Rank Dept/School
Mr. Benjamin Anderson Assistant Professor Art
Mr. Derek Johnson Assistant Professor Art
Dr. Dan Li Visiting Assistant Professor Art
Dr. Robert Eason Assistant Professor Music
Dr. Jenna Sehmann Assistant Professor Music
Mr. Benjamin Kramer Assistant Professor Theatre & Dance
Ms. Jessica Thomas Assistant Professor Theatre & Dance
Mr. Zeke Bocklage Visiting Assistant Professor Theatre & Dance

Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture

Name Rank Dept/School
Dr. Joe Smith Department Chair/Associate Professor Agriculture
Dr. Jenny Rashall Assistant Professor Environmental Science
Dr. Reuber Antoniazi Assistant Professor Forestry

College of Liberal and Applied Arts

Name Rank Dept/School
Dr. Roslyn Fraser Associate Professor Anthropology, Geography & Sociology
Ms. Bridget Adams Assistant Professor English & Creative Writing
Ms. Lenola Wyatt Assistant Professor Social Work

College of Sciences and Mathematics

Name Rank Dept/School
Dr. Md Rana Assistant Professor Computer Science
Mr. Edward Ironsmith Assistant Professor Computer Science
Dr. William Harris Associate Professor Computer Science
Dr. Md Hossain Assistant Professor Mathematics & Statistics
Mr. Colin Lawson Assistant Professor Mathematics & Statistics
Dr. Christal Schoen Assistant Professor Mathematics & Statistics
Ms. Florence Ochieze Clinical Instructor Nursing
Ms. Irasema Kinney Clinical Instructor Nursing
Ms. Tonya LaForge Clinical Instructor Nursing
Ms. Mariza Garcia Clinical Instructor Nursing
Dr. Ruaa Mezrakchi Assistant Professor Physics, Engineering & Astronomy


Office of the Provost

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1936 North Street
Austin Building
Room 316

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 6079, SFA Station
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