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After close review by an Academic Affairs committee, significant changes have been made to this award. Previously named Regents Professor, this award is now named Regents Scholar. All changes effective July 23, 2019. View the updated policy 7.24.

The title of Regents Scholar is the highest honor that the university may bestow upon a member of the faculty.The honor is reserved for faculty members who are exemplary role models to the university community. The title of Regents Scholar is not an academic rank, but an honorary title held for the duration of the recipient’s service to the university.

Deadlines for Submission:

Feb. 15 Nominations and portfolios due to Office of the Provost - email to
Feb. 21 to 25 Committee will review portfolios and make recommendation to Provost
Feb. 28 Recommendation for Regents Scholar made to President
March 29 Recommendation for Regents Scholar made to Board of Regents

Portfolio Guidelines for Regents Scholar Nominations (September 2019)

  • Nominees for Regents Scholar should prepare their portfolios as follows:
Nomination Letters 2 pages
Current CV 5 pages
Exceptional Teaching 2 pages
Exceptional Research 2 pages
Exceptional Service 2 pages
Letters from Colleagues 3 pages
Letters from External Parties 2 pages
Letters from Students 2 pages
  • MAXIMUM 20 pages
  • Portfolios should be submitted electronically as a PDF to

2022-23 Regents Scholar

Dr. Stephen Taaffe

Stephen F. Austin State University’s Board of Regents recently named Dr. Stephen Taaffe, professor of history, the 2022-23 Regents Scholar during April’s regularly scheduled meeting. 

The title of Regents Scholar is the highest honor the university can bestow upon a faculty member. The honor is reserved for faculty members who are exemplary role models to the university community. The title is not an academic rank but an honorary title held for the duration of the recipient’s service to the university. 

As part of the recognition, Taaffe received a $2,000 grant to support his research efforts. 

Taaffe, who is beginning his 23rd year as a professor at SFA, has taught several classes at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and has served on a number of councils and senates, including the College of Liberal and Applied Arts’ College Council, Faculty Senate, and numerous department committees. 

Along with his service to the university, Taaffe also has written eight books, most of which have centered around generals in various wars. His most recent book, “Commanding the Pacific: Marine Corps Generals in World War II” was published in September 2021.

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