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Bringing Lumberjacks together

Our Challenge Course helps student groups and classes build problem-solving and leadership skills.

You and your group can brave a ropes course up to 30 feet high, speed along a zip line and try the Leap of Faith. You’ll find a different set of challenges if you try the low ropes course, which has 10 elements that require teamwork and communication to complete.

Reservations are required at least one month in advance of your program date. To request a date to use the Challenge Course, complete the online Experiential Learning Center Reservation Request form.

Types of programs offered

Team Building via Zoom

Our Outdoor Pursuits staff will join your department's Zoom meeting and lead activities for participants.

Session length: 15 to 60 minutes

price varies 

Physically Distanced Team Building - Indoor/Outdoor options

With six feet of space between all participants and activity facilitators, we will lead in-person activities for you and your team.

Important information: Masks are required, regardless of indoor/outdoor location. Maximum group size is 30 participants. If you have a larger group, participants will be split into smaller groups. 

Session length: 30 to 90 minutes

price varies 

Low Elements - Indoor/Outdoor options

Our low ropes course programs are designed to inspire teamwork, leadership, trust, communication skills and a sense of community. Every program is different and led by a trained facilitator to provide the best experience for every group. Don't want to be outside? We can provide programs full of fun games and initiatives at one of our indoor facilities.

High Elements - Outdoor options

Want a little more high adventure? Reserve a date at our zip line and high ropes course! Scale the cargo net, or traverse the multi-vine in order to reach our tower where you and a friend will race down dual zip lines. No matter the occasion, our staff is ready to help you and your group push past barriers and reach new heights!

Pricing varies.

High Elements - Indoor options

We also offer high ropes programs at one of two indoor climbing facilities. Climb our Caterpillar, see how high you can get on our crate stack or scale the rock wall! Our indoor facility is designed to push you mentally and physically in order to empower you and your group to achieve your goals.

High/Low Combo Elements

Can't decide between a low or high ropes program? Choose both! We offer three- to six-hour programs where you and your group can get the best of both worlds. Enjoy a few hours of team building at our low ropes course followed by all the thrills of our high rope elements.

Academic Class Special

We’ll come to your academic class and lead team-building games and initiatives designed to help your class get to know each other, learn to work as a team, and develop new communication and problem-solving skills!

Price: $50

Forms for participants

Once your date and time is scheduled, click on the program forms below to get all of the necessary info for your group.

For more information about the Outdoor Pursuits program, call 936.468.6055 during the Outdoor Center's business hours, or email


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