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Frequently Asked Questions

Student Recreation Center

What is the dress code?

Clothing: Patrons must wear shirts/tops that fully cover the chest area and shorts long enough to cover the buttocks and groin areas while moving through the full range of motion. Clothing that is sheer and/or transparent must not expose the chest, buttocks or groin area. Undergarments (including sports bras) must be covered by an additional layer of clothing.

Footwear: Patrons must wear athletic, close-toe/close-heel, non-marking rubber-soled shoes in specified activity areas. Alternative athletic shoes (e.g., Vibram FiveFingers shoes) are permitted.

Staff have the authority to make judgment calls for anything they deem inappropriate. Failure to abide by staff directions could lead to loss of privileges.

How do I secure my belongings in the locker room?

There are two options for securing your belongings:

  • Bring your own lock. There are 70 day-use lockers in each locker room of the Student Recreation Center. These lockers are first come, first served. Locks left on these day-use lockers overnight will be cut.
  • Rent a locker. Lockers with locks are available to rent for $4 per month. To rent a locker, visit the front desk.

How do I make a request to use space for a special event?

To request a facility space for a special event, visit the Facility Reservations page. Submit your request at least two weeks prior to your requested event date.

Can I sign up ahead of time to use a racquetball court?

Yes, you can sign up for racquetball courts at the welcome desk, in person or by calling 936.468.8400. Only same-day reservations are accepted, so make sure to call or come by early to get the times you want.

When can I use the tennis courts?

The tennis courts are available to patrons from 4 to 10 p.m. seven days a week (unless another reservation is scheduled). There are 12 courts with lights. Four courts have lights you can turn on yourself, and the other eight courts must be turned on by Campus Rec staff.

Intramural Sports

Who is eligible to play intramural sports?

Intramurals are all about being fun, safe and fair — so the biggest requirement is good sportsmanship. If you are a current Campus Recreation member or a full-time faculty/staff member, you can play intramural sports.

What if the weather looks bad and I have a game?

Intramural staff may wait until 3 p.m. the day of the game before making a decision regarding inclement weather. Please do not call the office. If games are canceled, participants will be notified through their IMLeagues account and on the Intramural Sports Instagram and Twitter accounts.

What if I don’t have a team?

If you don't have a team, don't worry. You can always sign up as a free agent through the IMS Free Agent Interest Form or We can't guarantee you will end up on a team, but captains are always looking for more players.

Outdoor Pool

Is pool towel service offered?

We do not provide a pool towel service at this time.

Am I allowed to bring my own tubes or floats?

You are not permitted to bring your own tubes and floats. Inner tubes and noodles are available for guests to use.

What type of personal floatation device is allowed for my child?

Only U.S. Coast Guard-approved personal life jackets are permitted. We offer a limited number of life jackets that can be used by guests.

Is my life jacket U.S. Coast Guard approved?

All approved life jackets will have a U.S. Coast Guard-approved number on the label.

What are the rules concerning my child wearing a personal floatation device?

If a child is wearing any form of personal floatation device, an adult must be within three feet of the child.

Who must take a swim test to use the diving board or enter the pool without an adult?

Our policy is that all children 8 years old or younger must take a swim test to be able to swim without a guardian within 3 feet or use the diving well. Any person, at the discretion of the Campus Rec lifeguard on duty, may be asked to take a swim test to re-enter the diving well.

What is the swim test?

The person taking the swim test must jump into the water, recover to the surface then swim the length of one lap lane (25 meters) without touching the bottom of the pool. The person passes at the discretion of a Campus Rec lifeguard.

Rock Wall

How can I get started climbing at the rock wall?

You first need to take an orientation class (belay or boulder). Once you complete one, you can start climbing.

I have a belay certification from somewhere else. Can I just jump on the wall?

Each climbing location offers its own orientation class for climbers geared toward explaining the rules of that location. If you have climbing experience somewhere else, you will still be required to take our belay class. This way we can ensure you know your skills but also know the rules of our wall. If you can demonstrate the correct techniques and tie all knots correctly, the class will take less time.

Does the rock wall provide all gear needed to climb?

Harnesses, chalk and climbing shoes are available for check out for free. The rock wall staff can supply you with the equipment when you check in. All other safety equipment for climbing (ropes, anchors and belay device) are set up on the rock wall when you arrive.

Can I use my own equipment on the rock wall?

You can use your own harness, shoes and chalk if they are in good working order. For all other equipment, you must use the equipment provided by the rock wall. You must sign off on your waiver that you understand the risks of using your own equipment on the rock wall. Check with the staff for more information. We strongly recommend that you inspect your own climbing gear prior to every use and follow the manufacturer’s recommended inspection/retirement policies. Know your gear. Failure to follow these recommendations can lead to failure of equipment. SFA is not responsible for failure of personal equipment.

Trips and Clinics

Can a beginner participate on the trips?

By all means, yes! We love to introduce people to a new activity that may become their next favorite hobby.

Can I bring a non-member guest on the trip?

Yes. Non-member guests are allowed to participate. One Campus Recreation member may invite one guest per trip. The cost of the guest will be 15% above the member price.

How can I pay for trips?

We accept cash, checks, credit cards and debit cards.

What do I bring on an Outdoor Pursuits trip?

You will need to bring your clothes and personal items. Other than that, all group gear, such as tents, sleeping bags, stoves, etc., are provided. We also cover all transportation costs during the trip, all entrance and activity fees, and food.

Are refunds issued?

A full refund (minus a $10 administrative fee) will be given if you cancel prior to the trip registration deadline. If you do not cancel before this, no refund is available unless another participant signs up for the trip in your place. You are then issued a refund minus the administrative fee. Be advised that refunds may take up to 15 business days to process.



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