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Need someone to spot you? We got you. SFA’s free Fitness Buddies program features workout partners with similar interests, fitness levels and personal goals to help you reach your wellness objectives.

Studies show that having a workout buddy helps boost motivation, sense of adventure and the likelihood of showing up for your exercise session. SFA’s Fitness Buddies aren't personal trainers, but they are ready to help you get moving inside or outside the Student Recreation Center.

If you’re interested in working out with a Fitness Buddy, sign up now! Students, faculty and staff with all fitness interests and levels are invited.

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Peer-reviewed research

Faculty from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and University of Northern Colorado conducted research and analysis on social connection and physical activity. They found, in part, the Fitness Buddies program helped to combat loneliness, stress, anxiety, depression and low physical activity.

Kirby, J., Stellino, M., Lewis, C., Humphrey, K., Gordon, K., Lindsay, K. (2022). You've Got a Friend in Me: Fostering Social Connection Among College Students Through Peer-Led Physical Activity. Health Promotion Practice, 23(6), 907-911.

History of the program

The Fitness Buddies program was established in 2017 at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Dr. Kirby, lead researcher, shared the following in a NIRSA: Leaders in Collegiate Recreation showcase video: "We really wanted to reach students who were too nervous or too intimidated to walk in the building, but could greatly benefit from a safe space to develop quality peer relationships and an active lifestyle."

Video used with permission from NIRSA and UCCS


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