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Reach new heights

Looking for adventure? Climbing is a great way to challenge yourself, build up your strength and have some fun all at the same time. With our indoor rock wall, Campus Recreation members can climb right on campus!

Hit the wall

Take the first step into climbing on the Student Recreation Center’s rock wall, a 34-foot free-standing monolith with four unique natural faces and a cave. After taking a short class, you can enjoy all of the climbing we have to offer, including top roping, bouldering and traversing.

Another bonus for climbers: If you prefer to stay closer to the ground, we also have a 13-foot bouldering cave you can tackle.

Rock Wall classes

Bouldering Class

This class takes from 5 to 10 minutes to complete. You will learn the general rules of the rock wall and how to boulder. You cannot climb on a rope or belay until you have completed the belay class.

Belay Class

This class takes about an hour to complete depending on the number of people in the class and how quickly you pick up the skills. If you plan to take the class, arrive as early as possible but at least an hour and a half before the wall closes. You will learn the general rules of the rock wall and different skills like bouldering, traversing, knot tying and belaying.

Rock climbing waiver

Before your first visit, you must complete the Rock Climbing waiver.

Current SFA students (18+), faculty and staff members should complete the online waiver through mySFA.

  1. Log in to mySFA.
  2. Select the "Campus Life" tab.
  3. Locate the "Other Information" block.
  4. Select the link to the Rock Climbing Waiver.

All you need to do is make sure the information at the top is correct and up-to-date . Check the boxes at the bottom, print it out and bring it to the rock wall desk.

If you do not have an SFA Campus ID or are under* 18 years old, you must complete the printed version of the waiver.

*A parent or guardian must fill out the waiver. You must be 16 years old to belay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rock Wall

How can I get started climbing at the rock wall?

You first need to take an orientation class (belay or boulder). Once you complete one, you can start climbing.

I have a belay certification from somewhere else. Can I just jump on the wall?

Each climbing location offers its own orientation class for climbers geared toward explaining the rules of that location. If you have climbing experience somewhere else, you will still be required to take our belay class. This way we can ensure you know your skills but also know the rules of our wall. If you can demonstrate the correct techniques and tie all knots correctly, the class will take less time.

Does the rock wall provide all gear needed to climb?

Harnesses, chalk and climbing shoes are available for check out for free. The rock wall staff can supply you with the equipment when you check in. All other safety equipment for climbing (ropes, anchors and belay device) are set up on the rock wall when you arrive.

Can I use my own equipment on the rock wall?

You can use your own harness, shoes and chalk if they are in good working order. For all other equipment, you must use the equipment provided by the rock wall. You must sign off on your waiver that you understand the risks of using your own equipment on the rock wall. Check with the staff for more information. We strongly recommend that you inspect your own climbing gear prior to every use and follow the manufacturer’s recommended inspection/retirement policies. Know your gear. Failure to follow these recommendations can lead to failure of equipment. SFA is not responsible for failure of personal equipment.

For more information about the Outdoor Pursuits program, call 936.468.6055 during the Outdoor Center's business hours, or email



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