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Stephen F. Austin State University’s Educator Preparation Program has established the following procedures for responding to formal complaints regarding customer service provided by SFA’s EPP faculty and staff.

Filing a Grade Appeal or Academic Grievance

A student who wishes to appeal a grade, or who wishes to contest the course requirements, examinations, course content, admission to a program, instructor behavior, or similar issue, must first make informal attempts to resolve the issue at hand. Information designed to help you navigate the situation and ensure your concerns are addressed can be found at Concerns About Faculty and Staff page on the Dean of Students Office website.  After informal resolution strategies have been pursued, you may file a formal written complaint through your mySFA account. Select the “File a Formal Written Complaint” link in the “University Policies” box on the mySFA home screen. 

Filing a Complaint with the Texas Education Agency

If any stakeholder has a complaint regarding the EPP that they wish to report to the Texas Education Agency, they must first provide a written copy of the complaint to the faculty involved (when applicable) using the “File a Formal Written Complaint” link in your mySFA account. If the issue is not resolved, the chain of communication would be the program coordinator, the department head, the Associate Dean of Assessment and Accountability, the Dean of the College of Education and finally a committee from the Professional Educator’s Council. The Associate Dean of Assessment and Accountability will be responsible for following-up with the student regarding the status of the complaint. If the entire process does not result in resolution of the issue, the stakeholder may then forward the written complaint to TEA.

TEA Notice of Complaint Rights


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