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Training & Forms

New Employee Forms

All forms below must be completed on or before the new employee's first day of work.

Student Employee Forms

Complete the following employment paperwork and return to Human Resources with proof of ID on or before your first day of work:

Student Employee Paperwork

Student Employee Work Permission Forms

EPAF Forms and Resources

  • EPAF Change Request Form
    Used for summer assignments.
  • EPAF Handbook
    This provides instructions for select types of EPAFs. This handbook also provides a glossary of terms that define unfamiliar HR/EPAF jargon.
  • EPAF ListServ Instructions
    Regular updates, reminders and tips will be sent to those on campus who choose to subscribe to the EPAF ListServ.

Leave Forms

  • Administrative Leave (Word doc)
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Leave Without Pay Form
    Leave without pay for faculty and staff of 5 working days or less or that has been approved for family medical leave (FML) or sick leave pool by Human Resources may be granted at the discretion of the department, subject to approval from Human Resources. The form should be submitted as soon as the department is made aware an employee will exhaust all paid time. For questions regarding this form, contact Human Resources at extension 2304.
  • Leave Without Pay-Presidential Form
    The president may grant a leave of absence to faculty and staff for more than 5 working days or when multiple intermittent leaves without pay are requested and family medical leave (FML) or sick leave pool has not been approved by Human Resources after receiving input from the supervising department regarding departmental needs and subject to the provisions listed in HOP policy 03-503. For questions regarding this form, contact Human Resources at extension 2304.
  • Vacation/Comp Time/Sick Leave Request
  • FMLA Request Form
  • FMLA Packet - Self Serious Health Condition
    This form is to be completed by the employee's health care provider and returned to Human Resources via fax to 936.468.1104.
  • FMLA Return to Work Release
    This form is to be completed by the employee's health care provider and returned to either the employee's department or Human Resources via fax to 936.468.1104 prior to the return work date. Please notify Jennifer Krause at 936.468.1288 of your return to work certification.
  • FMLA Packet - Dependent Serious Health Condition
    This form is to be completed by the dependent's health care provider and returned to Human Resources via fax to 936.468.1104. The employee completes Section II of the form before giving the form to the dependent's health care provider.
  • FMLA Packet - Adoption/Foster Care
  • FMLA Packet - Qualifying Exigency Military Leave
  • FMLA Packet - Military Caregiver Leave (Active Duty)
    A covered servicemember is a current member of the Armed Forces, including a member of the National Guard or Reserves, who is receiving medical treatment, recuperation, or therapy, or is in outpatient status, or is on the temporary disability retired list for a serious injury or illness.
    This leave allows for 26 work weeks of leave.
  • FMLA Packet - Military Caregiver Leave (Veteran)
    A veteran who is undergoing medical treatment, recuperation, or therapy for a serious injury or illness is a covered veteran if he or she:
    • was a member of the Armed Forces (including a member of the National Guard or Reserves);
    • was discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable; and
    • was discharged within the five-year period before the eligible employee first takes FMLA military caregiver leave to care for him or her.
      This leave allows for 26 work weeks of leave.
  • Sick Leave Pool Request Packet
    Employees may not request an award from the sick leave pool until they have exhausted all of their available leave balances (see HOP policy 03-505).

Compensation Forms and Documents

Additional Compensation

Effective September 1, 2021, requests for additional compensation as described in HOP policy 03-401 will be submitted on an electronic business form located in TeamDynamix (ITS Client Portal home page under Services). This form replaces five paper/PDF forms (Authorization for Additional Compensation Services, Authorization for Additional Compensation Payment, Stipend Authorization Form, EPAF Origination Request, and Additional Compensation Eligibility Verification Form for grant-funded requests).

The additional compensation form in TeamDynamix is used to request all three types of additional compensation – additional services, stipends, and salary supplements. The form can be submitted by the employee or by another employee on the employee’s behalf (such as the department paying the additional compensation). The same information is collected on the electronic form as on the paper form, including the various levels of approvers. Once the request form is submitted, Human Resources will enter a one-time EPAF that will be routed to those approvers for electronic signature.  Employees will be paid once the EPAF is applied as part of regular payroll.

There is a presentation and recording of a training session about the new form and process. This infographic provides an overview of additional compensation. If you have questions, please contact (additional services and stipends) or (salary supplements). Thank you to Brandon Stringfield in ITS for partnering with the Human Resources team to create the form and automated process.


In conjunction with the revision to HOP policy 03-217 in July 2020 and July 2021, the Staff Telecommuting Request and Agreement Form is now an electronic document accessible in mySFA under the Employee tab in the Employee Info section.

This process allows for:

  • the employee (or their supervisor on their behalf) to submit the request;
  • the ability to request telecommuting as a workplace accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act, as amended (ADAAA) (HOP policy 03-307);
  • references and links to relevant policies and forms (HOP policy 05-306) to be embedded in the form and email communication;
  • electronic routing through the approval workflow;
  • email communication to the employee as their request is submitted and moves through the approval workflow; and
  • the employee to see the submitted request status, resubmit a disapproved request, and amend an approved request.

Review the manager's telecommuting guide if you have staff reporting to you.  (Faculty with staff reporting to them will be able to approve and submit forms on behalf of their staff.)

Note: Staff needing to work remotely for 5 consecutive business days or less may get verbal or written approval from their department head to do so without having to complete the electronic telecommuting request.

Faculty will contact the provost’s office regarding requests to telecommute.

Thanks to Rich Barnhart in ITS for partnering with the Human Resources team. This process has been a model for automating other manually routed forms.

Flexible Working Arrangement Forms

In an effort to enhance the work/life benefits provided to staff, the following resources have been developed to assist managers and supervisors in the administration of alternative (flexible) work schedules:

Other Forms


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