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The purpose of the university's performance management plan is to maximize employee work efforts to achieve university, organizational and individual objectives through the active participation in the goal-setting process; to ensure that all employees receive a timely and objective review of their job performance each year; to identify employees whose job-related performance and conduct does not meet established objectives or contribute effectively to the university; and to ensure that job performance is measured effectively for compensation purposes.

Probationary Evaluations

The first 180 calendar days of employment are a probationary period for all nonacademic employees. Additionally, employees who apply for a posted, vacant position and who transfer to the new position will begin a new probationary period of 180 calendar days. This does not apply to employees who are reclassified or promoted during the reclassification process.

For additional information concerning probationary evaluations, see the HOP policy 03-210.

Probationary Evaluation Form
Probationary Employee Evaluation Form - This form is to be completed for all staff employees within the first 180 days of employment. Supervisors will use this form to objectively indicate if employment should be continued or terminated before the 180-day period has expired.

Annual Performance Reviews

The process of job performance evaluation should include the following steps:

  1. Set and communicate job expectations at the start of the review period. Use the employee's job description to review the expectations of the job. If the job description needs revision, contact Human Resources for assistance.
  2. Provide ongoing coaching and counseling during the review period, and document significant discussions regarding positive achievements and needed improvement in regard to job performance or conduct.
  3. Conduct the annual performance review at the end of the review period.

The performance review period is from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31. Performance evaluation meetings occur during the month of January in the following year. Human Resources should have your completed reviews by the deadline of January 31. These may be delivered as hard copies or scanned and emailed to If circumstances exist that prevent compliance with this deadline, please contact Human Resources at 936.468.2304 or email

This performance review process applies to all classified and administrative and professional (A&P) employees that have completed their initial employment probation prior to the beginning of the annual evaluation period. Positions that are excluded include academic department chairs, deans, library director, charter school teachers, and all coaches. All categories listed as an exemption shall have some form of evaluation system, but are not governed by this policy. This policy also does not apply to positions which require student status, casual employees, or employees working less than 50% full-time equivalent (FTE).

For additional information concerning annual performance reviews, see HOP policy 03-209.

Annual Performance Review Forms


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