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As a general recommendation, faculty, staff and graduate assistants should give at least two weeks' notice to their supervisors prior to termination or retirement from the university.

Departmental Exit Process

The department in which the employee works will administer a departmental exit process to finalize business matters, including verifying that keys have been collected, credit cards have been returned, uniforms have been returned, and files and equipment have been returned.

Exit Interview

Faculty, staff and graduate assistants who are leaving the employment of the university are highly encouraged to complete an exit interview with Human Resources.

During the exit interview, employees obtain information about their retirement funds, discuss benefits and make arrangements for their last paycheck. At this time, employees should provide HR with a forwarding address (if applicable) so that COBRA health care continuation information and employee tax forms and can be sent to them.

The employee will also be given an opportunity to complete a separation questionnaire during the exit interview.

Faculty, staff and graduate assistants should clear all outstanding financial matters prior to their exit interview.


Human Resources
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