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Who We Are - About SFA

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Stephen F. Austin State University is a comprehensive, regional institution located in Nacogdoches. The university enrolls approximately 13,000 students and offers approximately 80 undergraduate majors and more than 120 areas of study and concentrations within six academic colleges - business, education, fine arts, forestry and agriculture, sciences and mathematics, and liberal and applied arts. SFA offers degree programs both online and on its beautifully wooded campus nestled in the heart of the Texas Forest Country.

Our Mission
SFA is dedicated to excellence in teaching, research, scholarship, creative work and service. Through the personal attention of our faculty and staff, we engage our students in a learner-centered environment and offer opportunities to prepare for the challenges of living in the global community.

Our Culture
SFA has a culture of openness, collaboration and engagement, which is critical for any organization facing the complexity of today's world.

At SFA, we recognize the importance of open lines of communication, collaboration among employees with diverse backgrounds, and employees who are excited and passionate about their work in driving an organization's future. The university fosters a culture of openness, collaboration and engagement through transparency; social activities that encourage interdepartmental communication and leadership; and professional development opportunities, programs and events. Through this, we are able to engage in meaningful dialogue necessary to address challenges through innovation and identify ways in which our institution can transform to more effectively enhance student learning and development.

The SFA Way - "…striving for personal excellence in everything we do."

At SFA, our faculty, staff, alumni and students believe in doing things "The SFA Way." We expect the best from ourselves and from each other, and we hold each other accountable when we fail to maintain these standards. Grounded in the five "Root Principles" of respect, caring, responsibility, unity and integrity, Lumberjacks strive for personal excellence in everything that we do.

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Rich, Spirit-Filled Traditions

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SFA has many rich and spirit-filled traditions that make being part of the SFA family more fun. Regardless of whether you're a student or an employee, when you become a Lumberjack, you become part of a cherished tradition that goes back nearly a century.

From “Spirit Fridays,” where everyone is encouraged to wear SFA’s colors and insignia to the “Axe ‘em, Jacks” hand sign, our traditions are part of an experience that unites us all and fills us with Lumberjack pride.

Lumberjack Mascot Origin

In 1923, the students and faculty met in assembly to decide upon a name for the athletic teams. Several names were considered, and those proposing the names led yells to demonstrate the greatness of their nominations. By vote, the assembly chose lumberjacks, the name submitted by T. E. Ferguson, professor of English. Since that time, the Lumberjack mascot of SFA has continued to represent the university and community of Nacogdoches.

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Nacogodoches "Oldest Town in Texas" sign

Dubbed "The Oldest Town in Texas," Nacogdoches is steeped in Texas history. While Texas has claimed six flags have flown over it, Nacogdoches claims nine. The 3 extra flags were the result of three rebellions that claimed to be their own republics in the early 1800s. Early on, Nacogdoches was given the name "The Gateway to Texas," as it was on the path of the most popular route of early settlers moving into Texas until 1846. The town can boast residents such as Sam Houston and Thomas J. Rusk, founders and military generals of the Republic of Texas. As of today, Nacogdoches is home to about 35,000 residents. From the Old Stone Fort on SFA's campus to the charming downtown, there's something for everyone to enjoy.


Human Resources
Fax: 936.468.1104

Physical Address:
1936 North Street
Austin Building
Room 201

Mailing Address:
Box 13039 SFA Station
Nacogdoches, TX 75962