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Welcome to student employment at Stephen F. Austin State University! Student Employment is an integral part of the educational and professional development of SFA students. No matter your interest or experience, you are sure to find a work experience that helps you to:

  • Gain valuable learning experiences to complement what you are learning in the classroom
  • Help finance your education while making a positive impact on the SFA community
  • Promote opportunities to network and connect with faculty, staff, and fellow students 
  • Develop essential job and lifelong skills that prepare you for life after graduation and beyond

Student assistant and work-study student assistant positions are part time (less than 115 hours/month), hourly positions and are not benefits eligible. As a student assistant you may not hold any other type of position such as a graduate assistantship or temporary casual employment at the same time that you are employed as a student assistant or work-study student assistant.

You can review and apply for open student assistant/work study positions by visiting the Careers@SFA website.

Whether this is your first job or just your first job at SFA, we welcome you to the SFA Lumberjack family!

New Student Employee Checklist

Review this step-by-step check list upon starting your new job to assist you in completing all required onboarding task. 

Before your First Day

Stop by the Human Resource Office located in the Austin Building, Rm. 201, with proof of ID’s. Please note: all forms of identification must be original. Photocopies or emailed photos cannot be accepted. 

Onboarding will be launched once you have come into the HR office with your ID’s. You will receive an introductory email from People-Admin. The email will prompt you to log-in to People-Admin and complete your onboarding checklist task. 

Onboarding Task to be completed on or before first day of work: Why is it important?
I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification FormPer federal law, as an employer, SFA is required to verify your identity and employment authorization.
You must provide original, unexpired documents that establish your identity and citizenship. Please see the I-9 list of acceptable Documents.
W-4-Employee’s Withholding Allowance CertificatePer federal Internal Revenue Service (IRS) law, this must be completed for federal tax purposes.
Direct DepositDirect Deposit Information
New Student Employee DatasheetPersonal Information; Self-identification of a Disability; Certification of policies and procedures
New Employee Work Authorization QuestionnaireWork authorization, or employment eligibility, refers to your legal right to work in the United States. U.S. citizens, born or naturalized, are always authorized to work in the United States, while foreign citizens may be authorized if they have an immigration status that allows them to work.
Property Liability AcknowledgementAs an employee of SFA you are entrusted and liable for state property
EEO TrainingEqual Employment Opportunity Training is a mandatory training for all employees on campus, including student assistants. This training must be completed on or before your first day of work. Employees must renew their EEO training every two years.
Ethics TrainingEthics Training is a mandatory training for all employees on campus, including student assistants. This training must be completed on or before your first day of work. Employees must renew their Ethics training every year.
Property Management TrainingProperty Management Training is required for all employees.


  • EEO Training 
  • Ethics Training 
  • Property Management Training 
  • ASAP Training - Advancing Students As Professionals Training is an interactive and engaging look into the world of work. ASAP Training is mandatory for all new on-campus student employees and must be completed within 30 days of hire. For additional information on the ASAP Training, visit the Center for Career and Professional Development ASAP Training.
  • Receipts and Deposits Training 
  • FERPA Training - FERPA Training is a mandatory training for employees who have access to student records. Student assistants with access to student records will be required to complete this training annually.

Employment Verification

The Work Number© is our new service provider for Employment and Income Verifications!

The Human Resource Department no longer provides this service. All current and former employees who have separated from the university within the past three years should direct their lender and or requestor to our new self-serve option which is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for faster service. For former employees that left SFA more than three years ago, please email

National Student Employee Appreciation Week: April 8-12, 2024

The National Student Employment Association designates one week each year for universities and colleges across the country to recognize, appreciate, and encourage student employees. 

At SFA, over 1400 student employees are employed by the university. They play a key role in or educational, research, and operational excellence. Student employees perform invaluable services with enthusiasm, dedication, and initiative.
We would like to encourage departments to take the opportunity during National Student Employee Appreciation Week, and throughout the year, to thank their student employees and let them know that their efforts are valued. 

Ways to Celebrate Student Employees

Low-Cost Ideas

  1. Treat Day – Full-time staff members buy treats or lunch for student workers.
  2. Treat Week – Each day bring something different – cookies, popcorn or candy.
  3. Photos – Take photos of student employees and post them along with a list of the wonderful things they do.
  4. Bookstore – Buy SFA gear for student employees.
  5. Notes Home – Send a note to the families of the student workers and let them know what the student does and how their work impacts the department.
  6. Blank Certificates – Make up silly awards for students like Best Telephone Voice or Best Web-Surfer.
  7. Friendship Plants – Take cuttings from a plant in the office and give to each student as a live “connection” to the office.
  8. Cookies – Students love cookies.
  9. Snack Goodie Bag – Fill it with small packs of popcorn, crackers, cookies, candy and chips.
  10. Healthy Meal – Provide food like crackers and cheese or spaghetti with ready-made sauce.
  11. Fruit – Keep a bowl of fresh fruit in the office.
  12. Gift Cards – Buy gift cards for popular fast-food restaurants like Subway, Pizza Hut and McDonald’s, or purchase tickets to the movies.
  13. Certificates of Appreciation – Make up certificates and have them framed.
  14. Cyber Cards – Send your students a free cyber card stating your appreciation.

Ideas that are Free

  1. Music – Let students pick music for the day.
  2. Role Reversal – Let your student employee be the boss for a day.
  3. In and out – Let your student employee choose to come in late or leave early one day.
  4. Awards Ceremony – Give out awards for unique categories such as Best Attendance, Best Computer Skills, Most Organized, and Best Customer Service. 
  5. Thankful Paper – Have employees in the office pass around a paper with the student employee’s name on it and have them write what they like about the student employee, how they appreciate them and like having them on the team.
  6. Employee of the Month/Week/Great Idea Award/Gotcha Award – Name an honoree and make a presentation during Student Employment Week.
  7. Banner – Hang a banner of appreciation for a week in your office.
  8. Decorate – For a week, put something on the office bulletin board or the office door that recognizes the student employee.
  9. Home Cooking – There is nothing better than a home-cooked meal for a student.
  10. Thank You – A simple thank you always goes a long way. 


Human Resources
Fax: 936.468.1104

Physical Address:
1936 North Street
Austin Building
Room 201

Mailing Address:
Box 13039 SFA Station
Nacogdoches, TX 75962