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Highlights of the Lumberjack Education Assistance Program (LEAP) include:

  • Mandatory tuition and fees are exempted for eligible participants (SFA employees, their spouses and dependents), except statutory tuition ($50 per semester credit hour for undergraduate classes or $80 per semester credit hour for graduate classes).
  • Employees who enroll in classes will have scholarship support available to cover the statutory tuition costs.
  • There is no cap on the number of courses an employee, spouse or dependent may take with the LEAP benefit.

Neither employees nor dependents are taxed on any portion of the exempted undergraduate tuition and fee value. However, pursuant to Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 117(d), employees who take graduate courses are taxed on exempted tuition and fee values that exceed $5,250 annually. Also pursuant to the IRC, dependents of employees who take graduate courses are taxed on the exempted tuition and fees for those courses. (For more detailed infomation about LEAP, see HOP policy 03-303.)

Application and Procedures

The application form for LEAP is available through mySFA in the Benefits section of the Employee tab

Refer to LEAP Procedures for application and participation details.

Who to Contact

  • For questions regarding eligibility for LEAP, contact the Student Business Services at

  • Undergraduate Studies
    For information regarding the undergraduate admissions application, contact Kevin Davis at

  • Graduate Studies
    For information about graduate studies, visit or contact


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