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A science-based program with real-world applications

Are you passionate about STEM subjects like chemistry, biology and geology? Do you love solving problems? Do you have a curious mind and an interest in conserving and protecting the Earth’s natural resources and human health? Are you looking for a degree that will pave the way for an exciting career?

As a student in the land, air and water resources track, you’ll take a deep dive into STEM-focused courses like chemistry, biology, geology and spatial science. You’ll study contemporary environmental policy and law. You’ll learn how to assess and analyze soil, air and water samples. And you’ll have the opportunity to participate in meaningful, real-world learning activities like internships and research projects.

You’ll graduate with a Bachelor of Science in environmental science, and you’ll have the skills and experience to put that degree to use in a variety of settings.

“What can I do with a degree in environmental science?”

An environmental science degree can pave the way to a rewarding, high-paying career in a wide variety of settings. Our environmental science graduates work in both the private and public sectors of the economy. They work in varied areas such as air and water quality monitoring, invasive species control, remediation and reclamation of disturbed land, ecosystem restoration, wetland delineation and management, environmental regulation and compliance and environmental research.

Beyond the classroom: transformative experiences

At SFA, we believe that students learn best through a combination of classwork and hands-on experiences. And this is especially important for a program like environmental science, which involves field work and research.

As an environmental science student, you’ll have access to well-equipped laboratories and cutting-edge technology. And because SFA is located deep in the Texas Forest Country, you’ll also have access to a living classroom filled with native plants and animals.

You’ll also have the opportunity to complete an exciting paid internship or participate in a community outreach program. You’ll have access to facilities like our soil, plant and water analysis lab, where you can work side-by-side with faculty on meaningful community outreach projects.

Undergraduate programs 

Bachelor of Science in environmental science - land, air and water track

The land, air and water track places emphasis on additional science courses such as biology, geology, chemistry, and physics courses. In addition to completing core environmental science coursework, students pursuing this track can select courses such as Marine Biology, Electron Microscopy, Ground Water Hydrology, Microbiology and Herpetology.

*See the Undergraduate Course Bulletin for additional details, guidelines and requirements.


Environmental Science

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