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Well equipped labs and equipment

At SFA, we believe that students learn best when they have plenty of opportunities to gain valuable, hands-on experience. As an environmental science student, you’ll work side-by-side with your professors and graduate students on real-world research projects. You’ll test what you’ve learned in our up-to-date facilities and in the field.

And, most importantly, you’ll leave SFA with the skills you need to launch an amazing career.

Labs and equipment

From soil science to geographic information systems to fully equipped computer labs, you’ll have access to the tools and equipment you need to put your skills and knowledge to use:

  • Computer laboratories
  • Entomology laboratory
  • Environmental assessment laboratory
  • Environmental chemistry laboratory
  • Environmental science teaching laboratory
  • Field equipment and supplies
  • Geographic information systems laboratories
  • Greenhouse
  • Growth chambers
  • Hydrology laboratory
  • Soil science laboratory
  • Vehicle fleet
  • Work boats

Other supporting labs

Environmental science is truly an interdisciplinary program, which means our students have access to all of SFA’s modern equipment and fully equipped laboratories, including:

  • Analytical chemistry laboratory
  • Electron microscopy laboratory
  • Soil, plant, and water analysis laboratory
  • X-Ray diffraction laboratory

Government agencies and non-governmental companies involved in protecting the environment

Regulatory agencies

There are many federal and state government agencies that are involved in protecting the environment. Environmental science students need to learn about these agencies, the roles they play in protecting the environment and also potential career opportunities within these agencies:

Additional environmental information

There are a number of non-governmental organizations and small private companies that play roles in environmental protection and communication. Here are just a few:


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