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A flexible, customizable environmental science program

If you’re looking for a degree plan that’s tailored to your unique interests, the discipline specialization track might be the right choice. This unique degree program combines environmental science with a minor or a second major such as:

The result? A unique degree plan that’s tailored to your unique interests and career goals.

And because the discipline specialization track requires a second major or complementary minor, students who choose this option have an additional edge in the job market and can pursue careers in equally fast-growing fields such as geology, business or spatial science.

Careers for students who pursue the discipline specialization track include environmental scientist, environmental education specialist, environmental health and safety specialist, land reclamation specialist and environmental investigator.

Learn more about careers in environmental science.

Experience the world around you  

Not all learning takes place in a classroom. And at SFA, students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in environmental science have plenty of opportunities to participate in meaningful, transformative learning activities.

Gain hands-on work experience through a paid internship. Give back to the community by participating in a service or outreach project. Join an environmental science organization and attend professional conferences and networking events. Work on a faculty research project that tackles real-world environmental problems.

Undergraduate program

Bachelor of Science in environmental science, discipline specialization track

Environmental science is a STEM-focused program that draws upon several disciplines such as chemistry, biology, forestry, spatial science and mathematics.

As a discipline specialization student, you’ll complete core environmental science coursework in environmental measurements, environmental health and safety, soil science, hydrology, air quality assessment, chemistry, botany, zoology, environmental law and policy, and spatial science. You’ll also complete the required courses for a second major or minor of your choice, which means that your degree plan will be uniquely tailored to your interests.

*See the Undergraduate Course Bulletin for additional details, guidelines and requirements.


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