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Available to students who complete 15 hours (five courses) of graduate-level, GISC-prefixed courses and achieve an overall minimum GPA of 3.0 for the 15 credit hours. Each student must work directly with an assigned geospatial sciences advisor to select a series of courses that meet the requirements for the Geospatial Analyst Certificate. Students eligible to obtain the certificates must be admitted for post-baccalaureate study or be admitted to a graduate program by the Office of Research and Graduate Studies. Upon successful completion of an approved program of 15 graduate credit hours, these students will be awarded the Geospatial Analyst Certificate.

Students who do not wish to work toward completion of a master’s program should apply to the graduate office for post-baccalaureate status only. Additionally, up to 15 credit hours earned with a minimum grade of B or better will be eligible for transfer to an Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture graduate degree program, in the event the student later decides to pursue a graduate degree.


Geospatial Science

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