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Explore the world around you

Are you curious about your surroundings? Are you passionate about technology and the outdoors? Do you geek out and find interesting patterns in maps, aerial photography and satellite imagery? Are you looking for a degree program that will pave the way to a rewarding, high-paying career?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, spatial science might be the degree for you. This unique program of study draws from a wide variety of disciplines, including forestry, agriculture, mathematics, chemistry, geography, sociology and communications. As a spatial science student at SFA, you’ll learn to use cutting-edge tools and technology to study the Earth – from natural landscapes to man-made cityscapes to the remnants of ancient civilizations.

Dedicated to your success

At SFA, you’ll be surrounded by dedicated, caring faculty members who love teaching and truly want you to succeed. We keep class sizes small, and provide all undergraduate students with opportunities to participate in meaningful hands-on learning experiences. 

During your time at SFA, you’ll work on research projects and engage with members of the community. You’ll get into our state-of-the-art laboratories and work with cutting-edge technology. You’ll find incredible internships. And, most importantly, you’ll graduate with the skills and experience you need to stand out to potential employers and find a rewarding, high-paying career.   

Undergraduate programs

Bachelor of Science in geospatial science

A degree in geospatial science can prepare you for an exciting, high-paying career in a variety of industries, such as conservation and sustainability, environmental consulting, anthropology and archaeology, city planning, historic preservation, and oil and gas exploration.

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in geospatial science must choose one of the following tracks: 

Graduate programs and requirements

Forestry and Geospatial Science offers graduate degree programs for students interested in earning a Master of Science in forestry with a concentration in spatial science.


Geospatial Science

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